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Lizza Vallejo-In favor

Fuad Hasbun:What are you doing at Fernando's home at 9:30?
Lizza Vallejo: I'm doing a group project because I'm really responsible and I want to get an A
Fuad Hasbun: So getting an A is so important for you Lizza?
Yeah, because if I don't get an A, then I will not enter a good University
Fuad Hasbun:Wouldn't you like to be sleeping or doing something instead of working in this project?
Lizza Vallejo: To be honest I would like to sleep but the problem is that I really need to give my best effort and give my best in school to be an A student so that I can have better opportunities in the future.
Fuad Hasbun: As an A student don't you know that every normal kid needs about eight hours of sleep?
Lizza Vallejo: Yeah, I know that but I prefer to do homework than to sleep.

Wadia Simon-In favor

Fuad Hasbun: Wadia, what are you doing right now?
Wadia Simon: I’m checking Paola Moncada’s essay and she is checking mine in Field Day.
Fuad Hasbun: Why are you checking her essay?
Wadia Simon: This is very important for me and for my friends. We are A students and we are aiming to get the highest grade possible in the fourth quarter because of the semester exams. So we wan't are English grade to be high.
Fuad Hasbun: Don't you think this has a psychological effect on you?
Wadia Simon: I do think so, A students aim high and are hard working students and are perseverant but it becomes an obsession to get good grades and it takes over your life, your personal life is ruined and you spend most of the time thinking about school. You are stressed all the time but in the end your main goal is to be the best in school to get a scholarship.

Antonio Vallejo-In favor

Fuad Hasbun: Antonio, what is your average daily sleep?
Antonio Vallejo: about five hours a day because of schoolwork
Fuad Hasbun: Sleep is very important for everyone, why don't you prefer to sleep instead of work?
Antonio Vallejo: Sleep is very important for everyone, but I think that this sacrifice student’s perform are for a strong reason. They will have a better future than most of the mediocre students. Even though my five our daily sleep time can develop insomnia I want a better future.
Fuad Hasbun: How do you feel when you have tons of work to do?
Antonio Vallejo: You tend to feel preoccupied and full of stress. Sometimes a period of depression attacks you.

Marco Aguilar-In favor

Fuad Hasbun: Do you think the schoolwork you have is too much for and average student?
Marco Aguilar: Well, In my opinion teachers exaggerate with homework, projects and exams. Even though there are some weeks we work in a passive rate their are time that I just cannot keep on with it.
Fuad Hasbun: How do you feel towards all your homework?
Marco Aguilar: Due to the prolific work we have I feel very angry and annoyed. Sometimes I feel like an adult because I work very hard everyday. I also feel a sort of pressure when I am doing my work.

Fernando Castro-Opossing

Fuad Hasbun: What do you feel when you are working as an A student?
Fernando Castro: I feel special and happy because I am implementing an example for everyone else by being a better student.
Fuad Hasbun: So, we could state that you love being an A student?
Fernando Castro: Yes because I'm like a role model.
Fuad Hasbun: If you love being an A student what do you have to say of all the work they leave you like difficult projects, tests or homework?
Fernando Castro: Yes, I just love it even it requires a great effort I like expanding my intelligence and getting better every day. I love learning something new everyday, its just the way I am

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Blog #10: Tegucigalpa


People say that your the center of delinquency and I believe them,

for I have seen the city in blood.

They say that our highways are full with holes,

never ending and dangerous.

They tell me we are corrupt,

and it is true, we've experience a coup.

That our poverty and our low economy

is comparable as that of the great depression.

And having answered so I turn once more to those who

sneer at this my city, and I give them back the sneer and say to them:

Now, show me another city that with so much government struggle

could classify to the soccer world cup,

Another city that has this marvelous flora and fauna

and that loves their cultural food

such as their bananas and baleadas.

I feel proud for this, my unique city,

and for all of those who try to diminish our city,

are fool of envy and jealousy,

For they don't have a city with so much joy and unity.

Such anger fulfills me for they don't know

that they are below

and that such city could overcome every obstacle.

And I finally answer with an arrogant look

for all of those who know nothing,

for those who are still dreaming

to have such excellent city.

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Claire's Vivid Verbs


Claire sauntered shyly down the crowded hallway on this first day of school. She observed timidly to her left, and then to her right. Then, she tottered out and entered the throng of students. Was anyone scrutinizing her? Claire feared to glance around, so she wandered gloomily straight ahead. However, it appeared that none of her classmates took a glimpse at her, as they scuttled to their classes.

domingo, 5 de diciembre de 2010

Blog # 8 Just Because...


Just because you get low grades,
doesn't mean you should get my underwear on the top of the flag pole

Just because I tell you I didn't brought my lunch,
doesn't mean I hide it in my locker

Just because I've got no more money for the day,
it doesn't mean that another bully got it first,
nor that you are a slow bully

Just because I get straight A's
it doesn't mean you should make me do your homework

Just because I'm physically weak
doesn't mean you can use me as a punching bag

Just because I'm writing this poem,
doesn't mean I'm intended to cause your suspension

Just because I've drafted this in a computer,
it doesn't mean I've send it to the school's principal

Just because it's not written in pencil,
doesn't mean I was avoiding it from getting to your hands.

domingo, 28 de noviembre de 2010

Blog #7 Revolutionary Community

Mr. T



In the strong society of systems; they were suffering a replacement in which the new technology were going to substitute them, the old technology. Old technology had been there for about ten years straight and their owner; Mr. Jonas was loyal to all of them. Mr. Jonas wouldn't change them for not even for the world’s fortune. Unfortunately for them the new technology had managed to capture Mr. Jonas and now the old technology were going to be conquered by the new one. Due to this dilemma, Mr. T seized to power and became the ruler of the old technology. Mr. T was a very old television that was used to transmit all the news to their community. He had two strong antennas that he used to communicate with the rest of the technology and to receive the signal from the countries antenna. Mr. T had two switches and one of them had a double function, the upper one was to regulate the volume and the lower one was to change of channel or to save viewed channels. This community consisted of the first technology in America used by their habitants. They were normally used for the communication of the human’s populations. Each and every single of them loved doing such things because they were made for this and they liked doing their job, by helping others. Their community was pretty old, but they desisted new changes.
With his rectangular shape, Mr. T ruled his community in such way that everyone would collaborate. Committees were made by him, the war committee, in which the computer (John) directed and the security committee, guided by the telephone (Lenny). By his old screen; Mr. T was transmitting the new technology that were arriving to the costal reef. He ruled with gentleness and benevolence, listening to each of the technology's ideas. Suddenly sorrow, sadness and selfishness were now reining the society. Sorrow came because the members of the old technology thought that they were going to loose their territory. Sadness was felt because they were now going to be ruled by the tyrants that will settle in their region. Selfishness reigned because everyone started to just care for themselves and not care for the rest.
After the event Mr. T called John and Lenny because they were the committee leaders and they needed to settle such problem. John was ordered to introduce his committee the new method of security. This one consisted of using an old file that would lock up the room in which all of them were held, this followed immediately after Mr. T’s orders. Lenny was supposed to bring all the artillery of Mr. Jonas and prepare his committee for war. They accomplished just to get: five knifes, an atlatl and some pieces of obsidian. Orders consisted that the atlatl and the five knives were going to settle in the room in case the security couldn’t resist enough the attack. While the obsidian pieces were going to be thrown from the roof to the enemies.
At twilight, the new technology was eagerly moving inward and as each second past Mr. T’s society grew more terrified. They’ve been prepared for war, but unfortunately for them that was not going to be enough. Mr. T was in awe at the first moment he could presence the great advances that they had in comparison with their technology. As they got closer Mr. T decided to raise a white flag, giving the signal of surrender. It was appreciable that they were going to lose the battle so instead of loosing his friends he just surrendered. After the day of their arrival, the new technology have been treating the old technology as slaves and Mr. T is now showing his penitence for his decision because it would’ve been better for them to just die instead of suffering what they were suffering now.

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Blog #6 The Strange Traveller

Mysterious Traveller:


The Joker:


Plan to Threat France

A week ago, I met this fellow citizen that seemed so mistreated. I knew who he was at first sight, the dishonest Jean Valjean. I could watch him being rejected from every home that he went to. I was thinking to threat all France, because the bread (my favorite food) was getting really expensive. Who better than Jean Valjean, could be my colleague in this threat? He knows what is being in the gallows just for stealing loafs of breads. There must be some sort of evil in his heart that wants vengeance. Therefore I thought in making him my apprentice and his first task would be; to threat the French nation to lower the costs of the breads.

So, I just waited to Jean Valjean to knock at my door. He took a while to do so. But finally I went and opened the door; first I passed as an incognito because I am very notorious for my reputation. He first fell into my knees pleading me if he could stay home. Jean Valjean offered a good amount of money for his stay in home. Needing from my help I acceded to his plea with his pay. Dressed as a business manager I took him into the dining room to give him some food, for he was starving to death. While I watched him devouring the food I tried to deceive him. Successfully he appeared to believe that I was a very powerful business owner and that I was impressed by the inflation of the bread costs. In one moment I felt pity for Jean Valjean, because it was very improbable that he was going to be alive after my mischievous plan. The problem was in making him cooperate with my proposal to him.

The proposal consisted in “demanding” a store by stealing all its bread. Afterwards “demanding” a company by claiming all their bread and finally “demanding” all France to monopolize all the bread. I needed to make him believe that demanding was a formal way of obtaining justice. Even though it was very tough I made him believe that what I meant with demanding was basically stealing the bread without being send to the gallows. After the dinner he thanked the marvelous food that was given to him and not left not even a morsel.

Next day, I invited him to have some breakfast. He informed me that during the night he dreamt that he was an ally with the miscreant Joker, being trapped in the crime scene. Suddenly I was very nervous because I thought that he was going to reject my wily plan. So, I proposed him that if he was so preoccupied, then I was going to start by “demanding” as store and afterwards he was going to “demand” the company. In such way that he was going to be sort of my apprentice in learning how to “demand” or as I call it (steal).

As hard as I remember, Jean Valjean was stealing all the bread from my house. He took off with a giant sack of not only bread but also my food and drinks that I had. Now the apprentice had practically “demanded” my food. Like some people call it, the apprentice always surpasses the master. When I was about to persecute him, I encountered with a bunch of policemen that had discovered were I was being hidden. There is only one explanation for this, Jean Valjean discovered that I was the Joker and skillfully made me think that he didn’t notice my identity. Now I am being kept in jail, in which I have nothing better to right and learn from my mistakes. NEVER TRUST A STRANGER! Next time, hopefully in about twenty-years I will have a better tactic to take over France (just one man wasn't enough).

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At the beginning of the letter John tells Abigail that he would've love to go with her to Plymouth with her. John Adams also thanks the collaboration of Dr. Bulfinches for opening an hospital and for inoculating Abigail agains smallpox. He also says that he has the right to think what he wants to, meaning that he could have his own personal bias as a right. The best resolution passed was that the united colonies have the right to make war, establish commerce, have peace and do all what other states have the right to do. America has much more wisdom than those of the British and he completely agrees with a separation having a good effect for them.

Rehtorical Devices:

Appeal to Reason: "In private Life, no one has a Right to censure me for following my own Inclinations, in Retirement, Simplicity and Frugality: in public Life, every Man has a Right to remark as he pleases at least he thinks so" (Adams 684).

This is important to the passage because it is stating the fact that everyone can think what they want to. No one has the right to restrict others the opinions of somebody. Relating to the passage because that is the only way they can have a free and independent states, having that specific freedom.

Appeal to Pity:

"America shall suffer Calamities still more wasting and Distresses yet more dreadfull" (Adams 684).

This is important to the passage because it expresses what people should feel for the calamities that could happen. Relating to the passage because if they don't get freedom and be independent, then they would suffer things that they shouldn't.